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he's only about four stories from the top now. take a look from sky 7. you can see him. we'll show you shots of him. this tower is 60 stories high. it's all residential. and he's doing this for a couple moneys he says. on his web site to draw attention to his assertion skyscrapers are still vulnerable to terrorist attacks and he's a survivor of stage four cancer. he wants to make people aware of that. he's climb ongt east side above mission street three hours ago. he's done this before. he climbed the world trade center in 1983 and sears tower in chick dmik 1981. he know what's he's doing according to the police department and fire department. what he's doing is that there is three huge rubber grips griping the building. and this has been moving
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slowly along the way. and residents have been opening up their windows and giving him water. it's been a long time. but once again, just a few floors to go. it's a holiday. traffic in this area is light. among those watching this is a couple from miami just moved into the building last month. >> i'm a cancer survivor also. if he's making a statement, more power to him. >> is he inconveniencing you? >> uh... not so much. no. no. it's a beautiful day. >> he picked a good day. there is no traffic. >> whatever he's doing it for, i hope he succeeds and not hit the ground because it's a long way down. >> impressive. >> this is scary, boy think. >> and are you fascinated by
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this? >> why not? i've only see this on tv. >> people are watching on television now. there is a statement from the power people saying security was never breeched and the department was aware of it. and the fire department says if he got in trouble, they would be there to offer a sort of rescue operation. that hasn't happened and wnt next 30 minutes to 40 minutes i would say he's going to reach the top. where, of course, he will be arrested. >> don, thank you very much. between 80 and 100 gallons of black oil spilled into the river just north of highway 101 crossing. police say reports of a spill came in around 8:30 this morning. fish and game responded with a warden, biologist and oil spill prevention specialist. the oil came from a barge part of a salvage operation by a private company. >> the waterway is open.
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we're working down into the river putting in containment booms and materials. and and the oil and kayakers and authorities and when they take them out of the water and there is a body of a man found near the w hotel. police spoke of a crowded pool party at the w last night near authorititon and gateway found across the parking lot from that hotel. that is where we're live tonight. >> right. the body was found in this location. and it's very near to the w hotel. there was an nfl season kick off pool party taking place. there are lots of fans and the promoter tells us players from both 49ers organization and
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raiders organization was at this party last night. he says that the victim was not one of the invited guests this, is where the body where the 26-year-old was found behind this wall around 7:00 this morning. the victim is from contra costa county. police say the victim did not make it clear where he lived. police spent much of the day processing the scene where the body was found. as mentioned the location is very near where the pool party event took place last night at the w hotel in newark. police say the hotel did not have a required permit to hold a large event and there were three to 400 people at the pool party with an overflow crowd into the the parking lot. the promoter says he did contract with the w hot skbrel they were closer to 155 people. police were in the process of breaking up the party, they actually heard shots in the parking area and so did a neighbor.
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>> i just heard gunshots. it's unusual in this area. kind of like a set of five or six gunshots at that time. >> officers on scene there were several shots heerd. -- heard. we had to request assist from fremont and union city police department to help us crowd control the party was shut down this, morning the body was located. >> police say they did survey another area and came up empty. and so they broke up the party with the help of fremont and union city police and then, of course, this morning's discovery. we tried to talk to hotel management but they referred all we questions to the newark police. the police are asking for any witnesses or anyone who may have information about this crime to please give them a call. the number is at the bottom of the screen.
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in newark, abc 7 news. >> sorry we didn't that on the screen. thanks a lot. still no sign of a body that might have been dumped in a pitsberg landfill. police suspect frederick salas coulding one of the victims in a string of murder that's left four others dead. flif pittsburgh tonight, how long the investigation will stave focused there? >> investigators just told us another two more days. that is how long it's going to take searchers to get through the piece of traffic that has come in here from herk you'll ease over the course of a five-day period thchl sk done by volunteers who are here at this landfill on their labor day holiday. for the fourth day, trucks went into the keller canyon
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landfill but not much in the way of clues came out. >> they're hoping to get to the last piece of debris. a team of 20 tipped through 3,000 pounds of trash in the hunt, police say they did find one lead late yesterday. >> the only thing they've found is a piece of letterhead with a hercules address on. it's not related to this case. >> it's not much but enough to confirm they're searching in the right place. the one acre area is where trash was dumped. preem bli the same trash from the business park where he once worked and a car he drove was discover add band oned. police believe they're part of a complex east bay killing spree at the hands of valdemoro. the father and son rented rooms from valdemoro's girlfriend, cindy tran, she's
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dead, too, police say strangled to death. two other value hayo women were found dead in the home valdemoro occasional shared with one of them. police say charles ritenhouse was living in the house with the dead bodies. he's in jail not for murder buzz all of the high-powered explosives on the property. investigators are hoping the answers to the mystery may lay in the landfill but after four days, hope is all they have to go on. >> basically what they're doing is they're following any possibility as most of the major players in this case are deceased or missing. >> at the give ace sense of how tedious this is, that excavateor collects debris one bucket at a time. each gets moved to a cleaner section. the searchers go through that by hand going through that bucket takes at least 30-40 minutes per bucket.
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again this is a process could keep searchers here another two days. reporting from pittsburgh abc 7 news. >> thank you. and a livermore man is in jail after police say he stabbed his 14-year-old son 11 times. severs day the 48-year-old gary gomez was fishing with his wife and son and his son's two friends this weekend. yesterday, around 2:00 in the morning gomez got into a fight with his son. police say the father started losing the fight, he pulled out a fishing knife and began stabbing his son. the teenager was treated in a hospital. despite being stabbed a dozen times, he's expected to survive. a young fan hit in the head this afternoon when buster posey's bat flew into the stands this, happened during the 4th inning at chase field. posey lost his grip on the field. the boy was alirt and speaking with medics while they worked on him. he did give a thumbs up to the crowd as he was carried away. the boy was taken to the
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hospital as a precaution. his age has not been release td. >> this labor day brought an announcement from the president about putting americans back to work, proposing a $50 kbrinl bill going towards rebuilding 150,000 miles of road, maintaining 4,000 miles of tracks and restoring 150 miles of runways in airports. the president unveiled a plan at a labor day rally in milwaukee. >> i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. we used to have the best infrastructure in the world. we can have it again. we're going to make it happen. >> in with wisconsin 240,000 people are unemployed and republican leaders are criticizing the plan saying it will only add to the deficit. >> if you're looking for a job we're trying to help. abc 7 is co-sponsoring another job fair this month taking place tuesday, september 28th at the hotel in san francisco.
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you'll find more information on our web site. abc 7 just look under see it on tv. >> and still ahead here tonight more on the daredevil climbing a san francisco high rise building right now, he's nearing the top. just a couple more floors to go as you can see, out of 60 floors climbing so far. >> we're hearing there could be police waiting for him. >> liver safer or unsufficient fied expense in a decision on whether a cancer drug will still ab will youed for breast cans year hi there, everyone. there is a terrific, warm labor day. i hope you enjoyed it. temperatures will be cooling down tomorrow. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and a young woman says her live was saved after a bc. stststststststststststststststsi
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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back to breaking news. you can see a man scaling millennium tower on mission and fremont streets made it to the top. and is climbing since 2:15 this afternoon. the climber dan goodwin has a history of the illegal stunts. he says he's doing it for a couple reasons to raise awareness about high rises and because he's a survivor of stage 4 cancer. climbing since 2:15 in san francisco mission and fremont streets. there is a 60 story building. he's successfully made it to the top and may go to the tip top there in just a moment. and police going to arrest him because this is an illegal act. so far, so good.
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moving on a police spokesman says it's a miracle no one on the ground was kill bid a small plane today. a section of the plane came to rest near a home in the middle of the street in henderson. one person was killed and three others were badly hurt. the plane took off from a nearby airport and was never able to gain altitude. >> one of california's dangerous pests has been found in yolo county triggering a large quarantine in state history. the light brown apple moth preys on grape and citrus crop and fruit trees. 5,000 square miles are impacting now. and it forces them to follow a strict set of guidelines and inspections before fruits, vegetables and flowers can be transported. >> and take a look. here is the scene. at the start of the morning of the 36th annual bike race.
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the course runs around lev levistrauss plaza and draws hundreds of spectators including professional and amateur cyclists. greg lamont won twice in the late 70s. >> it's pretty breath taking on the ground. and there is the top of the building he started scaling millennium tower saying he wanted to do so to pay atongs the fact skyscrapers are not safe from terrorist attacks. and also, to draw attention to cancer. there are police at the top of the tower and ready to arrest him just as he makes it there to the top. >> this is probably a
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formality. you can say at least he's safe and no one got hurt and it's a nice day to climb. >> not a lot of wind out there. and there is winds out of the north today. and that helped to warm us up. and we've got to interrupt you going back to this live shot. he's -- we'll come back to you. we want to show thu late. and he's unfurling the american flag. this has taken him about three hours. he distributed flyers at the base of the tower saying he expected to take him an hour or two. >> this is it. mission and fremont streets. if there is anything that happened it could be dangerous to those on the ground.
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he's done this before. what in the 80s? >> most climbs were in the 08s seems we're looking at the history. he hadn't made a number of climbs recently of this scale. >> good news is that he did it safely today. this is illegal. so he will be arrested when he gets to the top. there is both hands on the flag. you wish he'd hang on to the grips. and this appears to be a suction cup type of advice. saying there was never a threat to sek tie saying he's doing this to call attention to danger of high rises. don't know what that exactly means but that is what he says. stay witness long enough to see what happens. again, he will be arrested. there you can see there are a
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good point. they could have arrested him there. they're going to let him get to the top because there are cops rng presumely are, but they're going to let him get to the top. >> and that is don sanchez on the ground. leigh telling us winds have been flowing at 15 miles per hour. you can see him with folks at the top helping and there is safely done it looks like. >> he knows what he's doing. we can watch every bit and this is unnerving to watch. but he's an expert to this. he know what's he's doing. >> yes z of course, you know and as you said arrests will be taking place once he
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reaches the top. >> and there is where you can see the wind is picking up a little bit. >> and this looks like he's trying to affix it there on the bottom corners before making his final ascent. >> there is not too much to say. there have been number on the ground watching this, is the a residential tower, lots of residents wandered outside. and most of them thought it's pretty cool and fun to wa. interesting. one woman was a cancer survive herself and to paraphrase, she said more power to him. >> and it's the tallest struct newer san francisco. it's 645 feet tall just over three hours now to reach this point. looks like he is again just trying to make sure the flag is in place.
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he's... >> shoved have brought better tape. there is all of the grape pell yelling gear he's needed. there is renaissance tower, i'm not sure where that is. world trade center. north tower which is no more. >> you can see he's now shaking hands here. now, into that looks like fire fighter captain there. as we wait... >> he's something else. he did this, he says around 1980 started this after he saw mgm grand hotel casino burn in 1980. he felt compelled to highlight the number of people died i'm in the sure how many. dozens and 84 people, i'm told died in that area fire. did he this because realized vulnerability of skyscrapers. >> yes. at this point he -- i guess this is the anticlimactic part
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for him. >> unless he's going to be planning to climb back douchbl i don't think that is part of the plan. >> i don't think so. we're going to take a break and try to come back here, looks like to come back here, looks like he's going to)i
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back to lee with tonight's weather. >> this is a 90s today, check out the accu-weather forecast. wind reverses, much cooler temperatures wednesday, mist, drizzle, 70s and 60s and 50s at the coast. that trend stays with us all week long. >> thank you for your patience today. >> we'd like to take you back outside where climber is just
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being arrested by police. he climbed back down to the ledge. >> and they came back down. looks like he has his hands behind his back. >> he does. >> and there is this 645 foot tower in san francisco today taking him about three hours and 10 minutes to do so. >> and this ends safely. you can see authorities up top. so why are over a thousand people a day switching to chevrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything.
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coming up at 6:00 crowds are bigger, but are they die something appear to be taking a crooked road to recovery. >> the race for governor heats up. jerry brown tries to drum up union support. >> something is new for sports
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fans today. first game of the kind broadcast in 3 d. and this is coming up for you tonight at 6:00. >> back to update on what happened with skyscraper man thchl fellow climbed the tower in san francisco this, is videotape from minutes ago. >> and he did manage to unfurl a flag just before taking it to the top of the high rise. his name is dan goodwin. and took him about three hours to scale the building. and he's done this before. >> the tower issued a statement saying he never pose aid security risk and we'll have the latest on this coming up at abc 7 news at 6:00. >> stay tuned for that.

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